Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled some of the most commonly asked questions for anyone who want to know more about everything and anything. When in doubt, this is the “go to” list!

The questions are divided into two portions:

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always speak to our customer service directly. We are open from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 am to 6.30 pm.

Drive Shaft

This is a generic representation of a drive shaft.

A worn drive shaft will manifest itself in three symptoms:

  • Torn drive shaft cover
  • Noise when turning
  • Vibration when accelerating.

We discussed these Top 3 Drive Shaft Problems and How to Identify It Yourself in great length. I recommend giving it a read 🙂

If you notice any of these symptoms, there is a high chance that you need to replace your drive shaft.

Still not sure? Well, you can schedule a test drive with us and we’ll be more than happy to do the dirty work for you.

That is why we are here! Speak to one of our trained customer service and we will help you determine the exact drive shaft variation that you need.

It helps a lot if you can let us know:

  • Car Maker (e.g: Proton, Perodua)
  • Car Model (e.g: Myvi, Wira)
  • Car Year (e.g: 2005, 2008)
  • Drive shaft (e.g: Left or Right Side)
  • Installation (e.g: Yes or No)

We have two grades of drive shafts, namely:-

  • Reconditioned drive shaft.
  • New drive shaft.

Depending on the car model and the condition of your drive shafts, we can give recommendation on the grade of drive shaft that will give you the best value for money.

We take original drive shaft from the car maker, dismantle them and clean them prior to a thorough inspection.

Through a series of strict quality control, we determine the condition of the drive shaft and evaluate if they are still fit for repair based on a set of criteria.

We are proud to say that up to 30% of the drive shafts are filtered out in this process. We only repair drive shafts that we believe will lasts, even if it means losing out on potential profit. This shows the level of quality we seek.

Super quick, like the Flash. Within a few hours if you stay within Klang Valley.

This is because we have our own dedicated delivery team and we deliver on a per order basis. As soon as we receive the order, we deliver.

If we don’t have it in stock, drive shafts repair can vary from a few hours to a day depending on the car model, severity of wear and complexity of repair. Just like how great wine takes time to mature, we assure you that we take special care for your drive shaft repair and it will be worth the wait!

Sure, we can definitely help you install your drive shaft.

Just let us know that you are interested and we will schedule a time that is convenient for you to come over.

You can find our address at our contact page.

No, you are absolutely not required to purchase them as a set. The choice is yours!

But, we do recommend changing them as a set because both of them will wear at about the same rate.

If one of the drive shaft is having problem, chances are that the other drive shaft is wearing out too. This is safer and will save you a trip to the car service centre.

You can either:

Our location and contact details can be found at our Contact Page.

Steering Rack

Depending on the car model and the type of steering rack (hydraulic or electric), they will manifest themselves in different ways.

It is best that you speak to our customer service for a more accurate diagnostic. If you’d like, we can also schedule a test drive just to be absolutely sure.

Also, we have an article about the Top 7 Steering Rack Problems you can Identify [with Videos!] which you may find helpful.

Don’t sweat! That is our job 🙂 Get in touch with us and we will ask a few simple questions to pinpoint the exact model for your car.

Some common questions that we may ask:

  • Car Maker (e.g: Toyota, Honda)
  • Car Model (e.g: Altis, City)
  • Car Year (e.g: 2009, 2015)
  • Type of Steering Rack (e.g: Hydraulic or Electric)
  • Installation (e.g: Yes or No)

We supply two choices of steering rack for your selection. These are:-

  • Reconditioned steering rack.
  • New steering rack.

If you are wondering which grade is better, we can always provide you with a suggestion based on your car model, what you want and also the current condition of the steering rack.

We are very picky when it comes to quality. Virtually all our steering racks are reconditioned original steering racks from the car manufacturer.

Before we even begin the repair, we always perform a quality control check to filter out steering racks that are unfit to be reconditioned. Up to 30% of the steering racks we collected are scraped because we understand that the foundation of the raw materials can have a huge impact on the quality of the end product. We only want to work with the best steering racks.

We also have in-house diagnostic machine. Upon repair, our steering racks are tested to make sure everything is working well before we call it a day.

Your steering rack will be with you before you can even finish saying the word “flabergasted”!

Jokes aside, you should receive your steering rack within a few hours if you stay within Klang Valley (provided that we have it in stock).

Our passionate delivery team delivery on per order basis. That means that we will arrange for a delivery the moment we receive your order. 

If we don’t have the steering rack in ready stocks, the repair can take anywhere from half a day to a day to complete. We assure you that we will take special care of your steering rack and it will be worth the wait!

Yes, we do.

All you need to do is just get in touch with us, and we can schedule an appointment at your preferred time.

Both our address and contact details can be found on our contact page.

*Pssst, the Google Map is functional!

You can either:

Our location and contact details can be found at our Contact Page.

This is a generic electronic power steering rack.